Brand implementation projects


Supervision made easier

Managing marketing projects allows collaborators to share with in-charge managers the creative work produced and request its approval and/or relevant comments. All users have to do is describe the creative work they’re going to share, its scope, the start and end dates and attach the piece in question. The interested party receives an automated alert notifying him or her that there is a file awaiting review.

Online approval

When he or she receives a notification asking to review the piece, he or she can enter to view the file and leave comments directly on it. Once reviewed, the file can be sent back to collaborator so they can carry out the requested corrections. At the end of the process, and once the file has been approved, it will be stored in a file history. The module also allows you to reject a project or leave it on standby.

Shared folders

The shared folder function allows you to create folders incorporating the graphic resources, technical materials, plans, style guides, etc. most frequently used or which are of use to a particular project. This folder can be shared with all the internal and external collaborators involved. These folders contain the basic documentation and briefings at the start of a project. The workflow can be passed on a shared basis throughout all types of project statuses, and those managing it, until its conclusion.

Available to all users

BrandCenter Aggylon allows you to align the entire organisation around its brand, making available to it all manner of documents and regulations and ensuring compliance with them, simplifying processes and improving management efficiency. All so you can, in short, ensure complete professionalisation of brand management, whilst also making it easier.


Acceso para todos

Access for all

It contains the information accessible to all collaborators registered with the tool.
Mejora de la eficiencia

Improved efficiency

It provides a rapid and efficient communications channel with collaborators. It automatically links everyone involved together, defining tasks and deadlines for each activity and person responsible.
Visor de proyectos y estados

Project and status viewer

The included viewer gives you an overview of all the projects that are under way or completed as well as an individual view of each project’s status.
Notificaciones on-line automaticas

Online notifications

The e-mail notifications that users receive help propel projects under way and ensure compliance with established deadlines. Users receive automatic notifications by e-mail whenever they have to carry out an action.
Trazabilidad de los proyectos

Project audit trail

The projects’ traceability allows you to check, at any time, what is happening at any stage of a project. Any incident or comment arising during the course of a project is recorded.
Proyectos a medida

Tailor-made projects

The tool’s default workflows are generally enough to meet most needs. However, if required, we can define workflows tailor-made to your specific needs.

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