It is a tool for the creation of marketing and communication pieces and templates.


A range of templates

Our self-publishing module allows specially authorised users to personalise and lay out the communication pieces offered by the tool. Then, after they are approved, the tool automatically creates a high-resolution PDF document.


BrandCenter Aggylon allows you to establish different approval workflows for each kind of collaborator and, depending upon their classification, to provide each group of collaborators with a range of pieces to fit their needs.

Online approval

A soon as a collaborator has shared a piece of creative work with their administrator(s), the latter is sent a notification requesting its review. From this point, the file can be viewed and notes left directly on it. Once reviewed, the file can be sent back to collaborator so they can carry out the requested corrections. At the end of the process, and once the file has been approved, it will be stored in a file history. The module also allows you to approve a project, leave it in standby or simply reject it.


Acceso restringido a colaboradores autorizados

Restricted access

This module can only be accessed by expressly authorised collaborators. Other users cannot view the documents, templates or materials in question.
Anotaciones en línea

Online comments

Our solution provides a quick and efficient channel for communicating with all collaborators, as you can indicate on the piece itself whatever changes are necessary and receive alerts to view the changes that have been applied.
Visor de proyectos y tareas

Project and task viewer

The project viewer provides a quick overview of all the projects under way or finalised, as well as an individual view of the tasks assigned to each collaborator in each project and the associated deadlines.
Notificaciones on-line automatizadas

Online notifications

Notifications propel projects and ensure compliance with the deadlines set for each task. Users receive an e-mail with an automated notification every time they have to carry out an action.
Trazabilidad de los proyectos

Project audit trail

You can, at any time, consult the status of any change requested during the process, as all comments arising during a project are recorded in its history.

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