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BrandCenter Aggylon is an advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, the result of the work carried out by a team of professionals with more than 10 years’ experience in the development of technology management solutions for clients across all sectors and scales of enterprise, as well as in brand management and creation.

As a tool it is:

· Intuitive
· Multi-device
· Versatile
· Compatible
· Modular and scalable
· Secure
BrandCenter Aggylon centralises all brand information in a single platform, maintaining all brand content correctly organised and updated at all times.
It is easy to use, thanks to its architecture, and features a viewer that provides an overview of the project status.
It is an open and participatory platform, providing the channels that facilitate dialogue between collaborators and departments and the publication and modification of brand and regulatory assets.
It also allows you to create materials and fulfil online communication, branding and marketing tasks.
As the most advanced tool for efficient brand management, BrandCenter Aggylon enables:

Sharing of style rules and guides

When managing a brand, a space where guidelines and communications, as well as all the actions associated with the company itself, can be published and shared is essential to ensure correct implementation.

Digital asset management

Photographs, audio files, videos and digital assets can be downloaded and consulted by authorised users at any time, from anywhere.

Editable marketing and communication pieces

BrandCenter Aggylon provides a range of customisable templates for the development of creative marketing and communication pieces. Once shared, it also facilitates the process of file review and approval online through simple approval flows.

Brand Guardian: Validation and request for materials

A feature for asking questions and requesting materials or validation, allowing you to quickly and easily ensure that all collaborators are using your brand correctly from any point of contact.

Brand implementation projects

The BrandCenter Aggylon SaaS platform is available to all those involved in working on a specific project, thus facilitating the management of brand implementation processes and streamlining workflows, their revision and the correction of possible inconsistencies.
It also provides a channel facilitating dialogue between all collaborators to ensure that all creative personnel are ‘on brand’ and maintain consistency within the project.

Each administrator also has a viewer where they can check the status of all projects. This feature helps to streamline project management, making it easy to prioritise important tasks and communicate additional objectives to other relevant collaborators in a simple and effective way.

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