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BrandCenter is an essential tool that allows us to cultivate and safeguard the corporate identity of our institutional brand Banesco Internacional and the trade names comprising it.
Pedro Mata. Branding Director, Bankia


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About Bankia

Bankia is one of Spain’s largest financial institutions, created through the merger of seven savings banks, and its core mission has always been to provide its customers with an efficient, high-quality service.

To do this, Bankia boasts a large and modern branch network, with more than 1,800 branches spread throughout the country.


One of the main difficulties in managing its brand lay in the impossibility of monitoring all the information created in each branch. The goal with the BrandCenter was to unify this information into one single online tool and for it to be possible for all the bank’s teams to access it simply and quickly.

‘The time savings it has provided us are spectacular, not to mention the fact that it allows us to undertake projects that were previously simply unthinkable. The BrandCenter has facilitated the operational management of our network, providing us with all necessary information, quickly and in an orderly fashion’
Pedro Mata. Branding Director, Bankia

The solution

BrandCenter Aggylon has developed a solution that allows the bank speedy access to information, the possibility of updating data and matchless efficiency in brand, marketing and advertising processes.

The BrandCenter has allowed Bankia to simplify management of advertising campaigns in its branches’ display windows. The inventory hosted by the BrandCenter includes, amongst other things, all the data on the sizes of the windows. Based on this, a campaign management module has been developed based on an ad hoc algorithm, which takes into account aspects such as the formats to be produced of each original piece of advertising work, sizes, print runs, distribution throughout the banks, the languages used, routes for implementation, incident management, etc.

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