What is BrandCenter?

BrandCenter Aggylon is an essential project management tool for efficiently and professionally organising, storing, sharing and managing materials, people and processes associated with both your brand and your marketing and communication plans.

Among other benefits, it incorporates the features and advantages of a DAM (digital asset management) system, enabling authorised users to save, access, modify, download and approve any type of resource or digital asset. Text, visual and multimedia files are stored in a single intuitive space and can be accessed by all departments involved in the development of brand projects.
This SaaS platform also includes other features such as a project management module, an analysis and usage statistics module and another for the creation of templates that can be edited and reviewed through a series of simple workflows.

This advanced new project management software tool has been designed by a group of experts in branding and the development of technological solutions to offer specific, efficient solutions for brands and brand managers.

Main uses of our tool

BrandCenter Aggylon, therefore, makes it very easy to:

Publish style guides and rules
Share resources
Create marketing and communication pieces online
Manage and supervise projects
Have a continuous overview of your projects’ status

Features of our SaaS platform to facilitate brand management

A collaborative tool

It allows you to centralise all your information and keep brand content organised, updated and, above all, accessible at all times. Our management tool is an open and participatory resource, providing the relevant channels to promote dialogue between different departments.

Intuitive, simple and user-friendly

The BrandCenter is synonymous with speed and simplicity when updating brand regulations and assets. Usability is one of the platform’s key features: it is a user-friendly tool for all collaborators, both in-house and external.


BrandCenter Aggylon enables you to monitor the progress of your projects, facilitating fast and simple reporting.


Developed according to HTML5 standards, this management and branding tool ensures compatibility with all recent browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Chrome).

Secure platform

Guaranteed service content and access security. As an SaaS platform, BrandCenter is accessible through any web browser but users must be verified via authorised profiles.
It protects your data through the integration of specific security measures, such as the ISO 27001 information security management protocol. It is also HIPAA compliant.

It uses secure hosting. Your branding tool will be hosted on secure Tier IV servers, with three levels of protection: logical; physical (against fires, floods and earthquakes); access (building where the servers are housed).

It is accessed exclusively by authorised users. User access is via single sign-on (SSO) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). As such, complete confidentiality within the organisation is assured.

Benefits of a project management tool for your brand


BrandCenter saves time and money with regard to the daily activities carried out in the marketing, branding and communication departments, thereby optimising performance. Following the principles of the lean philosophy, all teams work better and faster, efficiently managing workflows for brand implementation or the review and approval of different projects and materials.


Our project management tool allows brand resources and regulations, style guides, image banks, videos and documents of all kinds to be published and shared with collaborators, both in-house and external. Thus, we ensure the coherence and consistency of all applications and support across all formats and geographical locations.


Content can be accessed anywhere, using any device, at any time. And there is no need for all users to be working at the same time for projects to move forward. With user passwords and access to the web server, collaborators can complete their tasks within the project management tool and check the status and progress of the different tasks.


Our advanced brand project management software allows you to assign tasks and set specific timelines for their completion. This way, collaborators are aware of their required response time and of the project's date of completion. This optimises the 'time to market' or the length of time between product conception and its release.
For all this, BrandCenter Aggylon:
Ensures consistencyTic
Shortens and optimises processesTic
Prevents errorsTic
Boosts productivityTic
Improves time to marketTic
BrandCenter Aggylon is one of the most advanced project management tools on the market, both from a technological and functional point of view. Designed to solve problems relating to the brand and its communication and marketing, the tool provides users with a complete but simple piece of management software, also known as ‘online project management software’.

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